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Inquire About Pipe
or Drum Lessons

We will be delighted to get you started with lessons on the bagpipe or drum, if you can answer "Yes" to all of these questions:

  • Have you read the Web page on our teaching program?
  • Do you understand that bagpipes and drums are not simple instruments and
                        require perseverance and some talent to master even the basics?
  • Are you willing to practice regularly?
  • Will you be conscientious about telling instructors when you will be absent
                        before the date of the lesson?
  • Will you place high priority on attendance at lessons?
  • Are you willing to commit to playing in our band when your instructor
                        says you are ready?
  • Once in the band, will you be a good band member (ie memorize the music
                        in a timely manner, attend band practices and performances with regularity,
                        and support the band's mission)?
  • If you are learning bagpipes, do you have a place where you can practice
                        a loud instrument regularly? (home, school, church, late after work, etc.)
  • If you are learning bagpipes, will you be prepared to purchase an acceptable
                        set of bagpipes within two years?

Depending on the situation, we might still be able to accommodate you with lessons even if you cannot commit to playing in the band later. If this is the case, contact us.

If you could say "Yes" to all that, then give us the following information in an email: your name, day and evening phone numbers, when you'd like to get started, and previous experience. We'll get back with you about how to get started and when your lessons will be. We're excited you are interested, and we hope you'll enjoy our group, activities, and music!

Band Manager - Steve Melde          Pipe Major - Christopher Brand          Band President - David Bradley
Madison Pipes and Drums is a non-profit organization for the purpose of education and entertainment through the promotion of Celtic music and heritage.